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Why can’t I lose weight? – Obesity & Overweight

Sometimes there are situations that people really try hard to lose weight but whatever they do; going to sports, eating little amount, visiting dietician just do not give any result. Being happy, positive also do not work. There is all the time feeling around the belly that it is swollen. Such a feeling that the… Continue reading Why can’t I lose weight? – Obesity & Overweight

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Understanding Hawkins Level of Consciousness

Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD dicovered a tool called¬†the Map of Consciousness.¬†This map was developed to overcome the inherent limitation of the human mind, whereby falsity has been misidentified as truth.¬† His ultimate goal ‚Äúis a connecting of the dots so that the hidden picture emerges.¬† The hope is that this work might undo… Continue reading Understanding Hawkins Level of Consciousness

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Why can’t I understand my 8 year old?

Definitely children’s energy is unlimited. They jump, run, play with toys and make monologues all the time. ¬†They crave for something and second later tehy forget previous one and crave another thing. Sometimes, they want to play with parents, who are just coming home after tiring work and looking for some rest. Can you see… Continue reading Why can’t I understand my 8 year old?

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Why am I ill so often?

Every illness represents the emotional trauma we had been exposed of. Those emotions create some thoughts, decisons in line with our religion and beliefs system. In every day life, we resolve our problems according to them. At this stage we are seeing the ‘psyche’ in another word ‘human mind’. ¬†The fact is the decisions we… Continue reading Why am I ill so often?

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Why to Smile??

UC Berkeley examined photos of students in an old year book and measured the success and health through their life.Namely, by¬†measuring the students’ smiles, researchers were able to predict how long lasting a subjects marriage will be, how much they are inspiring for others.How long they live is also measured by their smiles. At Wayne… Continue reading Why to Smile??

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Ancestor Syndrome – Transmission from Generation to Generation

Even though each of us has unique finger print, we may conclude from our lives that there are very similar experiences happening with other family members. Theodor Reik mentions that if we hear what is the most difficult to hear and see what is the most difficult to see, we can have better understanding of… Continue reading Ancestor Syndrome – Transmission from Generation to Generation